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Discussion about the Plum Geek Spirit Rover robot https://www.plumgeek.com/spirit.html

Hi, is it possible to access topics from the original Plum Geek Forum?

Could you tell us, owners of a Spirit robot, where we can find the old resources for Spirit ?
Did you already make a plan how to get further with Spirit ?
Thanks, best regards

The Plum Geek forum is now back up in read only mode. You can see it here:

The old forum is back up in read only mode:

Most of the resources are located on the main Spirit page:

I’m working on a plan with the original creator on how to move forward with the Spirit Rover. I hope to have more information in the next few weeks.

I was working with him about a year or so ago on the spirit and the PIC bootloader (He was having some issues updating). Was supposed to get a bad arduino brd to use as a test platform.
Then things went dark, from your post it looks like something happened??? Hopefully not a bad happen…

I am still up for helping. My goal was to make a control system for the Spirit that you could send commands down to to get it to move (similar to the one they use for the it’s big bro/sis on Mars).
With the option to drive it in real-time as well.

For this I am thinking now to drop the PI and just use the Arduino. With a wifi/ble adapter.


I also have the full schematic, src for PIC and Arduino…


@Marc_Karasek I will check with the previous owner and see if that bad board is still around. Thank you for your offer to help. I’m still getting up to speed on the Spirit rover myself.