LED connections - right wing not lighting up on demo

I finally got around to making my Spirit Rover :slight_smile:
When I power it up the right wing LEDs don’t come on.
In the setup pdf the left wing LED connector has the grey on the right between pages 86 to 96 and then on it has it on the left from pages 102 to 114.
I’ve had the right wing with the grey on the left and on the right but I’m not getting those LEDs to light up.
I had a look on the old forum and didn’t see any mention of this.
Can someone who has the right wing lighting up please let me know if the grey wire is on the left or right?

On my Spirit, the grey cable is always on the outside of the robot, meaning, when the robot is looking straightforward, the right wing is on your right, the grey cable is on the right side of the socket.

Thanks, that’s what I have currently set. I’ll try wiggling it around a bit :slight_smile: