Let's have some fun with Ringo!

Over the last week I have been exploring the Ringo Pre-Loaded Behaviors code with an eye towards making very small and simple sketches that are easily understandable by novice programmers. I see the Pre-Loaded Behaviors as being great examples of mode advanced programming, but a bit much for beginners. So I am going to be creating small modules and posting the code here so that others can try, play, and expand upon them. Let’s break Ringo up into small pieces to help us better understand the whole.

I had some difficulty in getting the Arduino IDE to program Ringo with the Pre-Loaded Behaviors. Here is the formula that finally worked for me:

  1. Unzip the “Ringo_PreLoaded_Behaviors_Rev06_01” folder onto your hard disk.
  2. In that folder, double-click the “Ringo_PreLoaded_Behaviors_Rev06_01.ino” file to open the IDE with it. Notice the tabs along the top that link to the other .ico and .h files. It is all there.
  3. Select “Tools” and select Ringo’s COM port. (He IS plugged in, right?)
  4. Select “Tools” -> “Board: Arduino Pro or Pro Mini”
  5. Select “Tools” -> “Processor: ATmega328P (3.3V, 8MHz)”
  6. Press Ringo’s button to power him up.

Step #6 was a problem for me, in all my work with an Arduino I have never had to discretely power up the unit after plugging in the USB cable, they always powered up at that point. I had to be told to power up the Ringo.

Before doing ANY code experimentation with your Ringo make sure you can re-load the Pre-Loaded Behaviors" back onto it. Then you will be comfortable that you can return Ringo to his wonderful self after playing with his innards.

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I looked at the archived forums, and I see some code examples there too, different from what I have provided. I am going to capture each of those sketches into my folder of Ringo code. I want to look at the code that plays music, I could use that as the basis for adding sound to an Arduino-based Neopixel clock I built, I can look at chiming the hour and quarter hour and have a big light and sound display at noon and midnight. I love the way this code can be re-used for other things. :slight_smile:

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