Not showing up in Arduino IDE as serial port

I am on MAC os 10.13.6 and Arduino IDE 1.8.10.
I was using the Ringo before updating OS and now it doesn’t show up as serial port in Arduino IDE when I plug it in.


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The communications port in the Ringo (and indeed all Arduinos) SHOULD be recognized and configured by the computer when you plug it into the USB port. That’s the theory anyway.

You can buy USB-to-RS232 adapters from Amazon that will be recognized the same way. But there is a catch: Drivers. If your computer does not have the drivers for that port it will not know how to configure it, and therefore there will be no COM port.

I am not familiar with the Mac OS, but in Windows I can open the Device Manager and see that a USB device has been recognized but the PC has no idea what to do with it. That means, to me, I need drivers.

First stop for you is to find out if the Mac sees something it cannot configure. If so, you will probably need drivers for that COM port. By gut reaction is that you need FTDI drivers, that is a common type that may be in the Ringo. But I do not know for sure if that is the case.

The reason I cannot definitively tell you what kind of drivers to load is that I am using a work computer that I have loaded a variety of drivers to over the years. When I plug my Ringo in, it works, but I don’t know which driver is being used.

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Sorry that happened, OS upgrades can be trouble.

The Ringo uses an FTDI serial to USB IC to connect to your computer. Because of the OS update I’m guessing the driver needs to be uninstalled and the latest driver installed.

The latest FTDI driver can be found on this page:

FTDI also has a video about the Mac drivers that might help:

I don’t have MAC that I can test with today, but I have one that I will try out in the next couple of days to see if I can re-create the issues you are having.