Stock availability updates

I’m interested in updates to the stock availability for Ringo but really all the robots. I’ve subscribed to receive an email when Ringo becomes available but I was hoping for info to manage expectations. Does anyone know how often stock is refreshed or another way to request info. Thanks.


I am also interested and now watching @Eric can you please follow up?

Is there any news on this yet? I’ve also been trying for weeks/month to order Ringo2 robots, but unfortunately no response… I hope someone can let us know soon!


Now they have announced another robot to Mars! I would love to get another Spirit, but called Perseverance!

Any updates from the Low Voltage Labs folks? I have found my old wink robot to be a great platform for teaching my kids … would love to support the product line and purchase another robot or two.

I received an email update that availability may arrive within the next couple of weeks. Apparently there have been some production issues.

Are there any updates on stock? I checked the site and all robots were out of stock.

We had to fill a couple orders for some schools and ran out of stock with those. We hope to have some available by the middle of January. I will post on here when there are more available and will reserve some for individual sales.