Will there be another spirit manufacture run?

I am interested in purchasing another Spirit robot. I also have some friends that are interested. Would there be further interest in another manufacture run for Spirit? Are there any owners who would part with theirs for a reasonable price?

I second this! I don’t own one, but would be willing to buy a couple.

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I have one that I could sell.

It is a bit taken apart as I pulled the rasp pi out of the robot. IMO rasp pi was overkill and the interface between arduino and pi was less than useful. The top board has a connector soldered in to program the small micro controlling the motors. I also have the programming dongle for this as well.

I could sell the lot robot plus program dongle for $75 plus shipping

email me : marckarasek@gmail.com


Good afternoon Marc,

I have emailed you.


I have a Spirit Rover that I can sell. Say $75?

It is in perfect condition. Would throw in a low-profile HDMI cable that plugs in without disassembly, and some 3D printed Rover style wheels.

We have a lot of parts for the Spirit Rovers. I’m just not sure that we have enough to make complete kits.

We will do an inventory of the parts that are available and see what sort of kits we can put together.