Wish List for Arduino Toys


I would like a simple, easy to use PCBA that would allow the playing of a .wav file to a phone jack, so that my Arduinos could make sounds. I see several options out there, but there is no easy-to-use solution that ties everything up with a bow. Preferably it would not be reliant only on the use of an Uno, I would like to be able to use a Nano as well.


Looks like there is something sort of like this:

But it says it’s not supported on the Zero, Due, Mega or Leonardo?

Sparkfun has this board, is this sort of what you had in mind?


Eric, I am certainly going to have to check those out. They will work for one project I have in mind where I will need LOUD sound in two locations, and I can have these go directly to a sound system input to be amplified. I need to get these and play with them and see if I can make them work as I need.

Another project I have that needs sound is a clock I built, using Neopixels to make an analog dial. I want to make some small noise on the hour, and a sound system is not an option. I have a couple of boards to play with to try to do that, but I cannot get them to work and I have not had the requisite play time: Too many projects.